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EPC Sheriff's office working on body camera program

El Paso County Sheriff's Office working on body cameras

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is in the works of attaining body-worn cameras for its deputies.

Chief Deputy of Support Todd Evans said they're working on a patrol-wide program, with about 150 deputies wearing the cameras. The hope is to have them by the end of this year or early next year. The office is currently working on policies, looking at different vendors and discussing the biggest hurdle - money.

"Just the storage cost on these can be between $60 to $80 per unit per month. So if you look at 150 for a year, just the storage cost is extremely high," he said. "That doesn't include purchasing the cameras, and purchasing the docking station and everything else that comes with it. That's extra."

Evans said the cameras will help deputies and citizens be more transparent.

"(Having) it being captured on tape will actually help, because then it doesn't become a he said she said situation," Evans said.

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