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Evan Ebel violated parole days before murders

Department of Corrections took six days to issue arrest warrant

Parolee Evan Ebel unaccounted for days before murders

El Paso Co., Colo. - Documents released Tuesday show Evan Ebel ditched his ankle monitor and was unaccounted for days before he's accused of committing two murders. It took the Department of Corrections almost a week to issue a warrant for him.

"Ebel had been fully compliant up until that first alarm," said DOC spokeswoman Alison Morgan. "Immediate response was not warranted."

Ebel, accused of killing Colorado DOC Chief Tom Clements and Nate Leon of Denver, was on intensive supervised parole. He was required to wear an ankle monitor, check in daily, get urine tests and was prohibited from driving or drinking.

According to DOC records, Ebel's monitor stopped working March 14. The records indicate the DOC did nothing but try to call him for the next three days. On March 17, Leon's was discovered in Golden.

On March 18, the DOC contacted Ebel's family. On March 19, officers checked his residence and determined he was an absconder. That same day, investigators believe Ebel shot and killed Clements in his Monument-area home. On March 20, the DOC issued a warrant for Ebel.

Morgan emphasized that since being released from prison on Jan. 28, Ebel had stuck to the terms of his parole. She said immediate response to a parole violation would come for an offender that had multiple write-ups, failed to maintain a residence or showed a high risk of parole failure.

"Ebel was not exhibiting any risks," Morgan said.

Morgan said the DOC currently has 1,500 offenders on ankle monitors and gets more than 800 bracelet alerts per month. She couldn't estimate a typical response time to an alert, saying it depended on the offender and the perceived risk that person posed.

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