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Evan Ebel's autopsy results are released

Trace amounts of anti-anxiety drug are found

Ebel Autopsy report is released

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - We're learning more information about the last days of suspected killer Evan Ebel before his death in a shootout with Texas authorities in March. The Denver Post newspaper asked for and got the autopsy results of the man being linked to the murders of Colorado Prisons Chief Tom Clements in Monument and Denver pizza delivery driver Nathan Leon. 

The results from the Tarrant County coroner in Texas showed trace amounts of anti-anxiety and insomnia medication in his system called benzodiazepines. There were no harder drugs discovered in his body. 

I talked with the Allison Morgan who is with the Colorado Department of Corrections.  She could not confirm or deny that Ebel was prescribed these drugs in prison.  She would confirm to me that benzodiazepines are among the medications prescribed for inmates including those in solitary confinement also known as administrative segregation.  Ebel was in solitary during his prison life. 

33 percent of inmates in Colorado Prisons are prescribed psychotropic drugs for treatment.   The yearly appropriation in the budget for them is 1.1 million dollars. 

Veteran Pharmacist, Jim Butler with the Medicine Shoppe tells me that benzodiazepines are one of the most highly prescribed anti-anxiety drugs currently out there.  Valium is one of the brand names used for this class of drugs.  Butler told me they are effective, "If taken properly, they are good drugs that help a lot of people.  They work great as a mood leveler but can be addictive."

Other parts of Ebel's autopsy results revealed tattoos that he had displayed on his body.  Among those included in the report is a swastika on his chest and the word white on his left arm and pride on the right arm.  He also had hopeless tattooed on his abdomen.  

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