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Ex-Army specialist accused of aiding fuel thefts

DENVER - A former U.S. Army specialist from Colorado is accused of helping steal fuel in Afghanistan.

An indictment says Stephanie Charboneau, also known as Stephanie Shankel, of Fountain, was assigned to Forward Operating Base Fenty in eastern Afghanistan.  She was part of the 704th Brigade Support Battalion.

The indictment alleges that in 2010, Charboneau, her supervisor Christopher Weaver, and civilian petroleum supply specialist Jonathan Hightower conspired to help an Afghan trucking company steal truckloads of fuel in exchange for money.

The indictment also accused Charboneau of laundering proceeds from the scheme after she returned to the U.S.

Charboneau is charged with conspiracy, bribery, theft, money laundering and structuring.

Prosecutors say Weaver and Hightower have pleaded guilty to a bribery conspiracy scheme.

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