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Facebook users worry viral photo will become reality

Facebook users worry viral photo will become reality

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Facebook users said a viral photo circulating on the social media site Sunday raised concerns because it referenced bringing the plot of a scary movie to life.

The photo on Facebook was a picture of a man in a mask from the movie "The Purge." It said there would be a purge in Colorado on Sept. 6 in Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood and Colorado Springs. 

In Universal Studios' movie "The Purge," all crime including murder is legal for 12 hours. The government enacted the annual Purge in an effort to curb violence and unemployment, therefore aiding the economy.

Ericka Lovejoy was alarmed when a photo referencing a purge in Colorado Springs showed up in her Facebook News Feed.

"It's extremely scary and its freaking out a lot of people that see it," said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy said if its a hoax or a prank, it's not funny.

"It's scary and it needs to stop," said Lovejoy.

A Lieutenant with Colorado Springs Police Department said he was aware of the photo. He said he hasn't worried about it, but he did alert his officers.

A sergeant also with CSPD had not heard about the photo and planned to share the information with investigators.

References to "The Purge" have scared people across the U.S. A teen's tweet in Louisville, Kentucky started an internet frenzy. Almost 75,000 people living in Louisville tuned into police scanners the night the rumored purge was supposed to take place to see if anything was happening on the streets.

The photo also appeared in LaShonte Murchinson's News Feed.

"Even if it was a prank, there will always be that one person that would take it seriously and try something," said Murchinson.

Lovejoy had harsh words for the person who started the photo.

"They are sick and cruel. That it's not funny to even do it as a prank. Even as an April Fool's joke, its not funny," said Lovejoy.

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