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Faith based organizations, nervous

Tracking what's next for adoption programs

Faith based organizations are nervous

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Faith based organizations bracing for impact of new same sex civil union law in Colorado.  The Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado is nervous about how it will affect its adoption program and the services it provides to Southern Colorado.  Mark Rohlena is the President and CEO of the organization.  He showed me underlined clauses that were left out of the new law.  They had been in previous legislation. 

Rohlena explained to me that faith based organizations may have to go against their faith to adhere to the law or be sued and lose grant money for adoption programs.    Catholic Charities adopts out to Christian married couples, which to Catholics is defined as a man and a woman.  I asked Mark Rohlena if he felt that if this new is a sort of reverse discrimination because it doesn't allow faith based organizations to follow their faith on adoption programs.  Rohlena said, "I think it is.  It's really saying to folks with sincerely held religious believes that they have no place in the marketplace.  It's troubling to have that message."

Rohlena told me no decisions have been made to end adoption programs.  He and other faith based organizations are waiting to see what decisions are made in the U.S. Supreme court before cutting out any programs.  Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado adopts out ten children every year.  This same organization helps 300 families every year with specialized birth parent counseling. 

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