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Faithful hikers get in one last trip before Incline closes

Incline Hikers Get In One Last Trip

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Most got their fix over the weekend before the four-month repair work kicked off this week. But others couldn't resist one last chance before the closure began at 6 Monday morning.

The sun wasn't up, but the clock was counting down. We found hikers in headlamps. They were squeezing in one last goodbye less than an hour left before the Incline closed on Monday.

"I brought chocolate milk to toast the finish because this is an occasion to remember. And it's bragging rights, we're the last people to do the Incline," said Alicia Pino, early Monday morning.  

It's the first big step of the city's $1.6 million repair project.

"The biggest thing that will change is we're going to install 30 more retaining walls, that's going to stop erosion and washing away the Incline," Ryan Johnson with Incline Friends.

Deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office are already at the base of the Incline keeping their eyes out for anyone trying to hike. If anyone goes on it they will be trespassing and could face a fine of $100.

Cameras will also be placed at each construction location on the trail and sensors are buried along the steps. 

"To be able to go up there and not worry about the rebar and the obstacles, sure it may take some challenges from it, but it think it will open it up to more people. It will be no more excuses now, said Michael Berry, who made the hike Monday morning. "The sadness of it closing was eclipsed by that sunrise, because it was awesome," said Berry.

The Incline is scheduled to reopen in December.

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