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Families of Haiyan victims are waiting and worrying

Families of Haiyan victims are waiting and worrying

Colorado Springs, COLO - For three days, Melissa Calcita has waited and worried.  She wants information about her family,

They're in the area smashed by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

"I was on the phone with the Red Cross," she said.

But the situation is still grim - and the communication sparse - throughout the central Philippines.

"Everything is destroyed," said Calcita.

Whenever and wherever natural disasters strike, charitable organizations such as Compassion International are there to help.  It's a christian charity that sponsors children throughout the world, including in the Philippines.

"A little over 28,000 kids" are being sponsored in the area that was heavily impacted by the typhoon, according to Tim Glenn, the USA Communications Director for Compassion International.

But storms like Haiyan are equal opportunity destroyers and the charity has had trouble reaching its people on the ground.

"Every once in a while we're able to get a call through," Glenn said.

Thousands of children are being helped by Compassion International in the Philippines.  Thousands more will need help in the coming months.  For Glenn, one of them is most important to him and his family.

"I have a little girl - her name is Jenn Reina - that I sponsor in the Philippines," he said.

With communication so sparse, he hasn't been able to reach her.  He's very concerned  about the fate of his sponsored child.  But he is holding out hope.

"Hopefully we'll be rejoicing tonight as we hear that she's  doing well," he said.

Meliissa Calcita is hoping to hear good news about  her family as well.

"I'll just jump up and down," she said.

They're only two people, but they speak to the hopes of all people around the world.

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