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Family celebrates 95-year-old Broncos' Fan

A real reason for a super party

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Family and friends celebrated their favorite team and their great-grandma during Sunday's Super Bowl. 

Ruth Heikes turns 95 on Feb. 26. She keeps a close eye on her family, and Broncos statistics. Her family decided the Super Bowl was a great time to honor a super woman in their lives.

Four generations of cheerleaders rooted for the Broncos Sunday. Heikes has 9 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. She adores her great-grandchildren, but when the game comes on, this great-grandma is in the zone.

"My grandson got this for me," said Heikes, gesturing to her new Broncos jersey she wears while sitting in a chair, eyes focused on the game.

It's a special year for the Broncos and it's a special year for Heikes.

 "I thought, 'Wouldn't it be fun to have a Super Bowl party for mom on her 95th birthday?'" said Heikes' daughter, Dianna Cockroft.

"I think it's wonderful!" said Heikes.

She sits in a chair in the living room every game day armed with snacks and football statistics.

 "She is ready. She saves her snacks that I give her during the week. She says, 'I'll save that for the game,'" said Cockroft. "She can tell us how many teams are in the playoffs and how many games are left and how many teams are still in the running."

 This almost 95-year-old has always rooted for orange and blue.

"Probably since they started," said Heinkes.

When football season is over and fans go home, Heikes' family said they will keep cheering for their favorite team player.

"She is such a joy to have around. She just really has a pleasant personality," said Cockroft. "We can all learn a lot from the 95-year-old."

Heikes loves the Broncos, but if she had to pick her favorite team to cheer for, it would be "(her) family."

 Heikes' brother lives in Kansas City and cheers for the Kansas City Chiefs. Cockroft said Heikes and her brother call each other after every game to talk football and console each other when their teams lose.


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