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Family fears burglars targeted home for guns

Family fears burglars targeted them for guns

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs woman believes her home was targeted by burglars because of a recent gun safe purchase.

Rosa Calhoun and her family bought a gun safe for the family's gun collection.  Six weeks later on Dec. 9, the safe was stolen from her home in broad daylight.

"There were six guns in there and 4,000 rounds of ammunition," Calhoun said.  "That scares me to death to know that that's out there on our streets."

Calhoun believes that someone knew they made the purchase and had been watching them to know when they weren't home.  Other valuable items in the home, including televisions, were left behind.  

"We feel that we were targeted for the safe," she said.  "It's terrifying to know that the reason we buy the safe is to protect us."

Burglars dragged the 700-pound safe from the upstairs bedroom, down a set of stairs and out the garage.  Calhoun believes the crooks were prepared to move the heavy safe, and may have used a sheet from her linen closet to drag it.

Lt. Jeff Kramer with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office says that the county has not necessarily seen a spike in gun thefts, but thieves usually have an idea of what kind of property they want when they enter a home.  Often times, thieves are looking specifically for electronics, jewelry or firearms, Kramer said.

Kramer said to always be careful of leaving clues to a new, expensive purchase.  For example, if you buy a new TV, don't leave the box out on the curb.  Instead, cut it up and hide it in plastic bags.  

Calhoun said that nobody knew about the family's guns and wonders if someone saw them make the purchase at the store and followed them.  The idea is unsettling.

"It's so scary to think that they're watching us," Calhoun said.  "I can't sleep at night.  You don't know if they're gonna come back."

Calhoun said that recent burglaries in the Security area sounded similar to the burglary at her home.  

There were three home burglaries on Dec. 16 and investigators believe the three are connected.  In each case, the suspect(s) smashed the home's window and stole firearms and jewelry.  

Investigators say they don't know if Calhoun's case may be related, though they sound similar.  

In the Security burglaries, witnesses described seeing an unknown model dark green car parked near the home.  A Hispanic man was sitting in the car wearing a baseball cap.

If you have any information about these burglaries, call law enforcement.

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