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Family Of Nate Leon Mourn His Loss

Nate Leon's Family

PUEBLO, Colo - He was a selfless husband and father, working a second job, so his wife could stay home with their kids.

The father-in-law of Nate Leon said he was a family man. The days since his murder have been a blur for him.

"I really get angry. I wake up and think 'why'? Why did this happen to our family," said Gary Barnhart, Leon's father-in-law.

His daughter Katie lost her soulmate.

"I married my daughter and son in law. I performed the ceremony. I can't say that I'm not going to miss him terribly, because I am," said Barnhart.

Police believe Leon's death could be linked to DOC Director Tom Clements.
Leon was killed before Clements while he was delivering pizzas

Now, Katie is left raising their children alone.

"I just can't take Katie's pain away," said Barnhart.

Leon's children are still too young to fully understand.

"We tell them he's an angel now and they say, 'when is he going to fly down and see us,'" said Barnhart.

Leon had a 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and 3-year-old twin girls with Katie.

"To see his daughters get married and walk them down the aisle, that's never going to happen," said Barnhart as he held back tears.

A family man who took an extra job to help his family.

"People said he was just a pizza delivery guy, he should have had a better job, that's not true. Nobody has ever said he worked at IBM,"said Barnhart.

He delivered pizzas to pay for trips like the families most recent vacation.

"Two weeks before the tragedy he took them to DisneyLand,"said Barnhart.

Now, his family is left with just memories and a guardian angel

"He will watch over them, he will take care of them," said Barnhart.

The family has set out donation jars throughout town.

Here is a list of the following businesses in Pueblo with jars.

Guns And Ammo
387 E Enterprise Dr Pueblo West, CO 81007

214 S Mcculloch Blvd Pueblo West, CO 81007

Jimmy's Tavern
324 S. McCulloch Blvd Pueblo West, CO

4701 N Freeway Rd Pueblo, CO

They also have a fund set up, The Nate Leon Memorial Fund at Power Credit Union in Pueblo.

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