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Family seeking owner of lost check discovers check is fraudulent

Lost Check Turns Out To Be Fraudulent

A check for $1,650 was found at a Colorado Springs King Soopers over the weekend, and Maria Batista made it her mission to find the check's rightful owner.

Batista sought the help of KRDO Newschannel 13 in contacting Brandy Adler, the woman to whom the check was made out.

Batista also reached out to the bank that was listed on the check, Land Title Guarantee Company.   The bank told Batista the check was fraudulent.

"He said the check is real, it is real, but they didn't issue it.  They're going to turn it over to their legal department," said Batista.

Land Title Guarantee Company told KRDO Newschannel 13 that check fraudulence is a major problem across the United States, and said it believes this fake check was created on the Internet.

It said they will be investigating the crime, and will take action against the criminals behind the scam.

Batista said she is happy that she is now able to warn the community about the scam, but said it saddens her that there are people in the world who are willing to prey on innocent people.

"To find out that they're just using innocent people out there, this could have been written to me, in my name.  It could have been written out to you, to anybody.  Why would they do things like that?  It's just breaking my heart right now," said Batista.

The Federal Trade Commission has several tips to help consumers avoid falling victim to check fraud.  To view these tips, click here.

To read the previous article regarding Batista's search for the check's owner, click here.

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