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Family seeks owner of lost check

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs woman is looking for the owner of a $1,650 check her son found Saturday.

The check is addressed to Brandy Alder. Since Saturday, Maria Batista has been looking for that person.

"I'm a mother, and I'm a grandmother and this year has been one of the worst years for a lot of people, with how the economy is going," she said. "So I know people are struggling. And this check should go to the right person."

KRDO NEWSCHANNEL13 posted the story on Facebook. More than 100 people commented, saying things like, "That is very sweet. There are still honest people out there." Others called her noble. Batista said she's grateful for the comments. She knows not everyone would do what she's doing.

"There's a lot of people out there that would take something like this, and would try to cash it." she said. "That never came to my attention or my kids."

Now she just hopes the check and its owner are reunited soon.

If somebody's out there, depending on this check for the Christmas, holiday, I don't know their situation. They should have it," she said. "And I just pray they have it before the holidays."

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