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Fans go to Boulder to remember Robin Williams

Fans remember Robin Williams

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As soon as news spread of Robin Williams' death, fans rushed to an iconic house on Pine Street in Boulder.

That house was the backdrop for the 1970's television series "Mork and Mindy."

"It hits home and we're all going to miss him and I just wish that the world would have known more about his struggles," Ann Labozan told Denver station KDVR. She came to remember Williams. "He would have known how much the world loves him because the world's going to miss his talent so much.

Some fans took pictures at the place where Williams launched his career as the alien Mork.

"I liked him so much that I had to dress like him for Halloween one year in elementary school," said Lisa Soto, who also came to remember Williams. "My grandmother made my costume to be mork."

People young and old left notes of thanks at the front gate.

"It just shows the support that he had everywhere for his movies, his acting and his comedy," said Hannah Owen.

"He just had all the voices and stuff," said Katie Hesketh. "He was just funny, entertained all sorts."

Williams' death left so many questions, including how a man so quick-witted who brought us so much laughter, could suddenly be gone.

As the news sinks in, more and more fans are remembering the joy he brought them.

"He always had a beautiful way of making you laugh and cry," said Megan Cooper. "Mrs. Doubtfire is my favorite ever and I just think it was a beautiful movie. He was a beautiful man. It's just really tragic."

"It's something that's effected our whole family and it's something that's special to us. We'd spend family movies and we watched movies with Robin Williams," Labozan said. "He was such a funny person he could make all of us laugh at the same time."

"It's just very unfortunate that he left us way, way too soon," Soto said. "He was an icon, he was a genius, he was it all in one package."

Investigators today said Williams commited suicide by hanging himself with a belt at his home.

He had been seeking treatment for depression.

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