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'Fat Bikes' spinning up international attention for local company

'Fat Bikes' spinning up international attention for local co

Colorado College student Adam Miller and professor Steve Kaczmarek had an idea about one year ago to develop a light-weight bicycle that rode on wider-than-average tires.  Developed in Kaczmarek's basement, The Fat Bike Company was born.

"Our goal was to produce a bike that was 25 lbs. or less.  In this case, we produced a 21.5 lb bike.  So, we're really excited about that," said Kaczmarek.

The bikes sit on nearly 5-inch-wide  tires that are ideal for traversing snow, mud, rocks, loose gravel and sand.  Several of the bikes are Colorado-themed, with names like Yampa and Carbondale.

After outgrowing Kaczmarek's basement and another shop in Old Colorado City, The Fat Bike Company has found it's new home in downtown Colorado Springs.

Kaczmarek and Miller set a sales goal of $150,000 for the first year of business, but exceeded that goal within the first week of distribution.

According to Kaczmarek, The Fat Bike Company has sold over $1 million in bikes. 

"We're shipping all over the world.  We have approximately 100 dealers already in the US.  We have arrangements in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Australia, Japan and it grows every single week," said Kaczmarek.

He said the bikes have attracted the attention of the Colorado Springs Police Department, and are also ideal for those wary of riding bicycles due to the wider tires creating more stability for the rider.

The bikes start at $3,600 and are built entirely in Colorado Spring by hand.

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