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Father demands answers from police

PUEBLO, Colo. - A teenager in Pueblo says she was molested in front of her friend and a young boy her friend was babysitting. The suspect was initially set free and now Pueblo police are investigating why.

The children's parents are outraged by what police did and did not do following an attack at the corner of Quincy and Abriendo Avenue. Two of those parents and one of the teen's sisters demanded answers at a Pueblo City Council meeting Monday night. They say 39-year-old Wayne Arrona molested one of the teenage girls. The father of the other teen chased the suspect until police arrived. When police got there, the father, Timothy McGettigan, says he thought Arrona would be arrested. He found out later that police ticketed Arrona for disorderly conduct and let him go. McGettigan says if it weren't for the owner of the Family Dollar on Abriendo who intervened, this case could have been very different.

"If she hadn't left the store, instead of being here with you today, we would probably be attending funerals. I'm not kidding about that," McGettigan said.

Arrona was arrested on Friday. He faces charges of sexual assault and attempted second-degree kidnapping. He's in the Pueblo County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

Pueblo Police Chief Luis Velez says officers did not take some action that they should have taken. He says the case is being investigated.

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