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Federal hunting lands are the next victim of the shutdown

Federal hunting lands are victims of the shutdown

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Pinon Canyon and Fort Carson are usually full of hunters this time of the year, but the government shutdown is delaying hunting season for these two areas.

Thomas Grisbaum remembers hunting at Fort Carson.

"I shot the biggest white tail deer," he said.

But the government shutdown is forcing him to find another place to hunt.

"We're leaving for Pagosa Springs tomorrow," Grisbaum said.

Pinon Canyon would be open for pronghorn season if it wasn't for the government shutdown. If the area remains closed, it could possibly pass mule deer, big horn sheep and elk season also.

Fort Carson is currently in its hunting season, but it won't be open season for buck or doe right now.

The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife is trying to work out an agreement with Fort Carson and Pinon Canyon to open the land for hunters, but they're having a hard time with that because of the government shutdown.

"It's a federal decision and it's one we don't have any control over, so we want to do what we can for the people in the middle," Spokesperson Randy Hampton said.

Grisbaum wants those in government to start working together to stop the shutdown.

If they don't, Grisbaum and other people can hunt on the 23 million other acres Colorado has set aside for hunting.

Hunting brings in  more than one billion dollars to Colorado each year.

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