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Fewer Firefighters this Wildfire Season

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The wildfire season will have fewer firefighters. Sequestration caused cuts to the forest service budget.

There will likely be 500 fewer firefighters and up 70 fewer engines nationwide.

The US Department of Agriculture oversees the forest service, and it said this will increase the chance of larger and costlier fires.

Fire conditions are expected to be severe this coming season.

Officials with the forest service said it will do everything they can to provide resources to high risk locations, including working closely with local agencies.

The USDA said it is still unable to determine how this will affect individual states, but there may be more information later this year.

Congressman Doug Lamborn said the MAFFs used to help during the Waldo Canyon Firere have enough resources to train crews and execute missions, and that he hopes the USDA is not hyping the potential impact to scare the American people.

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