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Figuring out ways to get around town with gas prices more than three dollars

People around town get creative with high gas prices

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Gas prices falling below $3

AAA says this has not happened in more than 1,000 days, and they don't expect to see $2.99 or lower any time soon.

For some people in Southern Colorado, they are figuring out other ways to get around.

"I can travel around a lot quicker," Bike Rider Ron Leasure says.

He rides his bike home, to work and everywhere.

The last thing he worries about is gas prices.

"I save a lot of money that's the idea of commuting, park your car and commute," Leasure says.

Biking isn't the only way people get around.

Colorado Springs residents say they walk to where they want to go, and others resort to car pooling.

But, some people bear the burden of paying more than $3 a gallon for gas because it is the only way they can get around.

Rod Batchelor is an outside salesman.

He depends on his car to get around town, but he feels the U.S. Government already has the answers to gas prices.

"Open the pipeline, let America produce the way she is suppose to, and we won't have to be paying these high prices," Batchelor says.

Leasure says he doesn't need gas, the only fuel he uses is water, energy bars and good health to ride his bike.

The last time gas prices were below $3 a gallon was Dec. 23, 2010.



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