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Final fracking vote postponed

Fracking Vote Postponed

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs City Council pushes back the final vote on the oil and gas regulations.

Council discussed the possible postponement during its informal meeting on Monday. The vote for postponement passed 7-2. Council members Merv Bennett and Angela Dougan were against waiting any longer.

Despite the postponed vote, protestors took over City Hall steps and said they want council to admit fracking is wrong. A member of the local chapter of the ACLU said he is in favor of the postponement.

"That is excellent. We really want them to take the time. We especially want the opportunity to have a public hearing. We have not had a public hearing on this. We have not consulted experts that we are hearing from now," said Eric Verlo.

Some anti-protestors confronted protestors and argued in favor of fracking during the protest.

"I also question how they got here. How they heat their homes how they get around. I have been asking them those questions.
And they tend to drive cars and live in homes that are heated by fossil fuels," said Wayne Laugesen, who is pro-fracking.

Council President Scott Hente said he is not surprised some council members were against the postponement. 

"There will always be council members that want to act very quickly in particular items and there are others that want to take more time and do some additional studies,"said Hente.

The final oil and gas drilling vote is scheduled for February 2013.

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