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Fire code reconsidered for Mountain Shadows rebuilding

Fire Code Proposal For Fire Victims Questioned By Mayor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach wants more time to rework a fire code ordinance for Mountain Shadows homeowners whose homes were destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire this past summer.

The mayor wants fire-safety experts to take a closer look at rules that were being considered by the city council for rebuilding homes.

"Ultimately, it's a city council decision but the fire chief responds to me and I need to have a thorough discussion with him and the fire marshal and with our entire executive team about the pros and cons on the various approaches to an ordinance," said Bach.

Among the chief concerns is the money some homeowners could be forced to pay because of the regulations currently being considered.

"If insurance covered all these upgrades I'd be in favor of it, but I'm very uncomfortable with imposing a new fire code that causes people who have already been greatly damaged being out-of-pocket," said Bach.

Among the upgrades for rebuilding homeowners currently being considered are fire resistant roofs and ignition resistant outer walls. Bach said he's been told that could cost some homeowners an additional $10,000 that won't be covered by home insurance companies.

"Should we impose a regulation on people or should we provide folks with good information on what we recommend they should do?" wondered Bach.

The mayor's intention to hold up the regulation approval process in it's current format did draw some criticism. City Councilwoman Lisa Czelatdko blasted the mayor for not being on top of the ordinance when it was being hammered out over the last few months.

"It's changing again and possibly being pulled?" asked Czelatdko. "This constant frustration {and} wasting of time is unacceptable!"

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