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Fire consumes warehouse

Fire consumes industrial building

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters are still investigating the cause of a blaze that shut down several companies in El Paso County.

It happened on Lake Shore Court, off of Powers Blvd. between Constitution Ave. and Palmer Park.

Massive flames shot through the sky, sending 50 firefighters rushing to Valken Sports.

"People could actually see the flames from the city even though this fire is in the county," said Chief Matt Love, Cimarron Hills Fire Dept.

Businesses sent their workers home early; they were worried the sound of explosions could lead to a worse situation.

"Some small compressed gas canisters. Those canisters were exploding, throughout the fire, firefighters had to stay quite a ways back to fight the fire," Love said.

The high pressure in any container like that becomes a rocket when unstable.

Valken Sports is a sales office for airsoft and paintball guns so they have that compressed gas, though in small quantities.

"They're just housed here, so it wasn't a process that was going on," Love said.

With all the unstable elements at play, fire crews are taking their time getting inside to find the cause.

"We'll be here till tomorrow (Friday) at least, it's going to be hot for quite awhile," Love said. "It's going to take a lot of indirect ways to cool that fire down."

One person was trapped when the fire started, but he was able to get out safely with no injuries.

The cause of the fire is not considered suspicious.

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