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Fire Danger High In Southern Colorado

Fire Danger

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Our weather conditions are setting the scene for dangerous fires, and firefighters are worried the community isn't taking the danger seriously.

"The wind makes it burn hotter, faster, and move quicker than if the wind isn't present," said CSFD Battalion Chief Russ Renck.

Russ Renck doesn't want to see anything like the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Firefighters know that the hot, dry weather and wind can make a small fire so much more. Some of the public isn't being careful. Colorado Springs has had several fires in the last week or two that have been caused by cigarette butts.

Fires make west-sider Debbie Martin worried on a windy day.

"It's, it's scary. It could happen over there; we could see it from our house when the Waldo Canyon Fire started," said Martin.

Firefighters ask the community to keep brush around their homes under control, but don't burn it. Burning brush, weeds or trash within the city is against city code.

There are no fire bans in Colorado Springs or Pueblo. That means barbecue pits and fire pits can be used, but firefighters ask people to ensure that fires are full extinguished when they are done outside.

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