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Fire in eastern El Paso County put out quickly

Fire in eastern El Paso County put out quickly

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - It took less than an hour for eight fire crews to put out the flames on Peyton Highway and Drennan Road, which burned more than 100 acres.

Bernie Hanenberger lives near where the fire happened.

He said when he saw the fire, it scared him.

But before he could pack and leave his home the fire was almost out.

Ellicott Assistant Fire Chief Christy Malone said the faster her department can know there is a fire, the faster they can take care of the problem.

"We don't take any fires for granted. I mean it can go from very small, to very big, very quickly," she said.

Malone said every second counts when battling a wildfire. The flames were extinguished is less than an hour, but fighting the blaze had its difficulties.

"The wind was the big issue. We have a lot of tumbleweeds that were moving across the roads and that was our main concern if we could stop the fire at Peyton Highway or not the way things were moving," she said.

Malone said brush trucks helped put the flames out quickly since it is a moving fire hose.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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