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Fire Safe Cigarettes Still Pose Fire Risk

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In the right conditions something small can cause a fire. Wescott Fire Marshal Margo Humes wants people to know that fire safe cigarettes can still cause fires, especially in dry and windy wildland areas.

"People think the cigarettes nowadays are supposed to go out on their own," said Humes.

All cigarettes sold in Colorado have these letters ‘FSC' on the box. That stands for fire safe cigarette. They are supposed to extinguish themselves when they are not being smoked.

"When we were at the conference for the international association of arson investigators we disproved that. We actually do that during our conference training. We try to duplicate these different things because people say oh it couldn't have done it because cigarettes go out," said Humes.

Outside of a Colorado Springs smokers store, Zach Penman said he's been smoking for three of four years. He wasn't always careful about how he disposed of his cigarettes.

"Not until recently when I really know of the fire danger. Basically, last year and this summer as well," said Penman.

He knows fire safe cigarettes can cause fires, so it makes him upset to see people throw cigarette out of their windows as they drive.

"Any cigarette could cause a fire. It is up to every person to realize, I mean, I love Colorado and I feel like all of Colorado is burning down right now," said Penman.

Dry conditions and red flag warning remain in effect in Southern Colorado. Firefighters ask that you properly dispose of cigarettes, and report any possible fires immediately.

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