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Fire Victim's Family Speaks Out

Fire Victim's Family Speaks Out

A flash fire erupted at a Colorado Springs home over the weekend.

Colorado Springs Fire Department said the flash fire was the result of gasoline fumes getting ignited by the pilot light on a propane space heater.

The fire sent three of the home's residents to the hospital, two men and one toddler.  One of the men was treated for minor injuries.  The other man and his son were transported to Denver-area hospitals.

"The dad has pretty bad burns, I don't think they've taken the bandages off yet, but he's still sedated.  He's off the ventilator but he's still sedated, I think due to the pain," said Andrea Grimaldo.

According to the Children's Hospital in Denver, the toddler remains in serious condition.

Grimaldo's sister was living in the home with her 6-year-old son and a 9-month-old daughter at the time of the fire.

Grimaldo's family was able to escape the fire without injury, but is now homeless.

"They have nothing.  No clothes, socks, shoes.  Everything is gone," said Grimaldo.

The family lost all of their Christmas presents to the fire, too.

"I think for the parents, it's more heartbreaking to them knowing that their little boy won't have a Christmas tree and a home to wake up to on Christmas Day," said Grimaldo.

Now, with nowhere to go and no possessions left, Grimaldo is asking for the public's help for her sister's family.

An account for donations has been set up at Wells Fargo.  The "Garage Catastrophe" account is under the name Grimaldo and Irwin.  Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank.

Grimaldo said the van that the family was working on was that of a friend.  The van was to be used for a funeral the same night the fire erupted.

"He wanted to wait to do it until it got warmer but the circumstance was they needed the van for a funeral.  So, he, out of the kindness of his heart, he tried to get it done within that day.  It's just tragedy and something you can't stop," said Grimaldo.

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