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Fire victims learn how to cope with large insurance claims

Nonprofit group holding weekly informational meetings

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - An expert from a nonprofit in Colorado visited with homeowners dealing with loss during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Pete Romero, Executive Director of Policy Holders Recovery, specializes in these types of disasters.  He has led 13 meetings so far for Colorado Springs homeowners.

Romero said the biggest problem most people face is being under-insured. 

For those who didn't lose their homes, he said their biggest fight is usually over repairing and replacing glass windows and doors.  Romero said if the glass is exposed to heat exceeding 160 degrees, they will fail.   

"The people who have claims are basically on their own to prepare, present and negotiate a claim over a subject they've never studied, have no knowledge on, no experience," said Romero.

Ron Johnson attended Saturday night's meeting.  Fortunately, Johnson said he didn't lose his home but the fire came extremely close.  He said he's already run into problems with his insurance company.

"One of the things you learn early on ... regardless of advertising .... they aren't your friend," Johnson said.

The nonprofit is also leading two Townhall meetings on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at the Colorado Springs Shrine Club: 6 South 33rd Street.  The first is from 12:30 - 4 p.m..  The second runs from 6:00 - 9 p.m..

They are bringing in top professionals from around the U.S.  The topics will include window/door replacement, under-insurance, claim strategies, appraisal, PTSD, contracts, testimonial, health issues, reliable sources and litigation.

For more information visit http://www.PRhelp.org

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