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Firefighters get special thanks from kids

Youngsters present handmade cars to Black Forest Fire crews

Kids Thank Firefighters

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters who worked on the Black Forest Fire have received countless thanks from the community, but a "thank-you" on Friday provided a personal touch.

Around 50 kids made cards and personally handed them to firefighters at St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church in northeast Colorado Springs.  Firefighters from Black Forest and Manitou Springs were there to receive the cards.

The kids used an assortment of paper, crayons, glue and sprinkles to create the cards.

Eight-year-old Odin Codd described the card he made.

"Right there is a house on fire and a firefighter is going to save it, and right here is a faucet for water on the fire," he said.  "Water's going to drop in the fire."

Firefighters said they appreciated the kids' thoughtfulness and gratitude.

"It's very touching," said Kathy Neal, a Black Forest firefighter.  "It really helps us to get through our long days.  It can be very difficult.  But this is the type of support that really helps us get through."

The Mural Project, a local arts organization, sponsored the event.

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