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Firefighters rescue hurt hiker, ask people to be careful as temps rise

Firefighters Rescue Hiker

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters rescued a hiker in distress, and it's not even summertime, which is the prime season for this sort of thing.

Rescue teams said they are there to help, but ask hikers to be careful because getting to a victim can take hours, even if the injuries are only minor.

The hiker dislocated her shoulder several miles into a trail Thursday afternoon. This happened in a Colorado Springs open space near UCCS.

"We had inexperienced hikers to the area. They weren't sure where they were or how deep into the trail they were," said Lt. Tadd Mauritson.

Firefighters used maps to figure out where she might be. UCCS police were in the area too, and they used motorcycles down the trail to find her.

This hiker will not have to pay for the rescue.

"They are just on a trail, and lost their footing. There is no fine. There is no charge. It's part of your taxes," said Mauritson.

Sometime people that need to be rescued are fined. That happens if they are bouldering or rock climbing in areas where it is not allowed.

Firefighters said this rescue was different from most others. Many happen in the summer months on the west side of Colorado Springs. This one was on the east side of town.

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