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Firework Concerns and Safety

Firework Concerns and Safety

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -    Leave it to the professionals this holiday weekend. That's the word from the Colorado Springs Fire Department when it comes to fireworks. Everything from sparklers to roman candles are all illegal within city limits, but the law isn't the only thing one man is worried about.

It's a problem every year for Jerry Miller.

"Every year I find them in my yard. Sometimes up on the roof," said Miller, a Colorado Springs resident.

While fireworks may be colorful, loud and bright, they are also illegal in city limits.
In the past three days alone Miller has found remnants of multiple bottle rockets in his yard.

"This firework landed in the tree before it fell on the ground. If it had landed in the yard next door it could have set that field on fire," said Miller.

His biggest concern, though, is the bottle rocket that landed less than a foot from his home.

"I was homeless before I moved into this house and I don't want to be homeless again," explained Miller.

His concerns about fireworks, house fires and flames began at a young age.

"When I was in the Army induction center, and two kids were playing with matches in the apartment complex where my grandmother lived and because of the fire my grandmother died in the fire," said Miller.

It's that tragedy that has Miller on edge every Fourth of July. The Colorado Springs Fire Department said you can still enjoy the holiday and play it safe this weekend by taking part in events sponsored by the city. 

   If you're concerned about illegal fireworks in your neighborhood but there is not a blaze, fire crews ask that you call the non-emergency line at 444-7000.

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