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First solar shingles installed in Colorado Springs

First solar shingles installed in Colorado Springs

Solar panels are not considered to be new technology, but the incorporation of this technology into roofing shingles is. 

The Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle is a first of its kind.  It is not placed on top of an existing roof, like other roofing solar panel options.  Instead, it is placed just as a normal roofing shingle would be.

To install solar shingles, it would cost the homeowner an additional $10,000.  An additional manufacturing plant will reduce the cost of the solar shingles by 30 percent, according to Total Roofing.

"Prices are going to be coming down for this particular product," said Scott McIntyre, owner of Total Roofing.

According to McIntyre, the shingles can save 30 to 40 percent on utilities costs, and the roof will pay for itself in 10-12 years.

The homeowner to be the first to install the shingles is former Green Bay Packer Willie Davis.  He said he believes in innovation and new ideas, adding that he is excited about what technology such as this means for the future.

"I never thought I'd see in my lifetime that green would become such a favorite color," he said.

Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle said by incorporating solar shingles, the value of the home will increase by over $16,000.

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