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Flag could cost Florida man his home

Homeowner in fight with HOA over displaying flag

CNN - JACKSONVILLE, FL - The American flag is at the center of a fight between a Home Owners Association in Jacksonville, Florida and a veteran. Larry Murphree put an American flag in his flower garden.

He's lived in the Sweetwater community for years, and been at odds with the HOA for more than two years, all over a flag. He's been fined as a result. He got a letter stating he owes $8,000 and they put a foreclosure lien on my house.

There's a state statute that says he can display the flag but the attorney for the HOA is sticking by the fine saying if payment is not made within 30 days, the law office can move forward with foreclosure on Murphree's home.

Last year, after a similar fight, he filed a lawsuit and settled out of court, but the HOA flag display rules have been rewritten since then. Murphree said he won't stop until he can freely fly his flag.

He said he's lost a lot of friends and neighbors are moving out but he likes living there and doesn't want to move. 

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