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Flash Flooding hits Black Forest, Colorado Springs

Shuts down Black Forest Road and Woodmen Road

Black Forest, Colo. - Black Forest and Colorado Springs are dealing with the aftermath of Thursday night's flash flooding. Both Black Forest Road and Woodmen Road opened around midnight after they were closed for hours because the rain built up so badly on both streets.

On I-25 off the Woodmen Road exit, you can tell mother nature was in charge. The storms stopped traffic as water poured onto the highway.

As I-25 re-opened, Black Forest Road closed between Cowpoke Road and Woodmen Road.

"I would say it was easily three and half feet," said Joe Kisa, a Black Forest resident. He said, it washed all the rock between his and his neighbors' houses into the road. They just have to shovel that all back up and put it back into the yard.

Then, KRDO learned Woodmen Road was closed from Black Forest Road to Marksheffel Road.

The amount of hail looked like Old Man Winter came home from vacation a little too soon.

"Half of the street was filled with dirt and rock and wood chips and everything else. So it's pretty crazy trying to get home," said Black Forest resident Amy Coffman.

You might say the weather in Southern Colorado is becoming unbearable, but Coffman had a counterpoint.

"Most of my friends are jealous that I live out here. We enjoy the summer and we take the good with the bad I guess."

Plows took care of business clearing the roads to re-open. The sediment left behind on the sides of the roads is a reminder that you can never be too careful.

Joe Kisa said his neighbor has flood damage in his basement. KRDO Newschannel 13 has reports from other neighborhoods with the same problem.

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