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Flash floods wash out roads near Ellicott

Flash floods wash out roads near Ellicott

ELLICOTT, Colo. - Spring creek sprang over it's banks, and roads like Handle Road...couldn't handle it.

 "I didn't think this was possible here," said Jason Smith.  "It was like a river just all of a sudden decided to come through here."

 Handle Road is washed out after a severe thunderstorm dumped around five inches of rain in around an hour east of Ellicott according to officials.

 "A good torrential type storm passed on through and it succeeded in bringing many of these old drainage ditches back to life," said John Scorsine with the Ellicott Fire Department.

 El Paso county officials say water was flowing over parts of Highway 94, Calhan Highway along with Handle Road.

 "We have not had any reports of structures damaged at this point," Scorsine said.

 Residents who have lived in the area their whole lives say it's been years since the creek has flooded like this.  One man recalling in 1965 when a massive flash flood tore through the valley, rising much higher than what today's storms caused.

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