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Flood insurance program helps homeowners

Colorado Springs, COLO - Floods in Colorado this fall were a reminder of the need for flood insurance.

The Jackson family is glad that they had it when the waters rose at their home on Cheyenne Creek in September.

Since then, they've been able to make repairs...at least in most of the areas that were damaged.

Jim Jackson tells us which areas have been fixed: "the sheet rock, the painting..and the floors," he said.

Part of the money for the repairs came from their flood insurance.

"It was last week," he said.

While the Jacksons had private insurance, for most people getting flood insurance means going through FEMA.  The disaster relief agency works with private insurers to sell flood insurance.  It offers protection that homeowner's insurance doesn't.

Cindi Cheever of The Graham Agency said, "homeowner's insurance does not cover anything that is considered a flood."

While it doesn't cover enerything: "it will take care of basically carpeting, your sheet rock, it will not (cover) painting, it will not cover personal items."

The extra coverage that it provides means extra money.  How much extra depends on where you live.

"If you live right next to Fountain Creek, it's going to be pricey," said Cheever.

But like any insurance, the idea is to trade a monthly payment for peace of mind.  For the Jacksons, paying extra for flood insurance turned out to be worth it.

"It worked, it was good.  I was glad we had it," said Jackson.


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