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Flood mitigation efforts delayed by spring snow

Flood mitigation efforts delayed by spring snow

The Waldo Canyon Fire left bare mountainside in its wake, which poses a substantial flood and mudslide threat for the surrounding areas.

"Bare soil is the enemy in this case," said Leon Kot, Waldo Canyon Fire Emergency Watershed Protection coordinator.

There has been an extensive effort to replant vegetation in the burn scar, as vegetation is known to help absorb rain water.  This effort was both helped, and thwarted the string of recent snowstorms.

The moisture from the snow was welcomed, and helped to nourish the parched ground and planted vegetation. 

"The bad news is it has delayed the work, because we couldn't get in here to keep the work going," said Kot.

With the amount of volunteers willing to pitch in, Kot said there has been significant progress and there is regrowth happening in the burn scar.  He said there is more work to do.

"We want to keep building on success.  We need to keep hammering away and getting cover on the ground," said Kot.

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