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Flood mitigation on Highway 24 could be bad news for Manitou Springs

Flood mitigation on Highway 24 could be bad news for Manitou

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Flood damage could be in Manitou Springs' future, even though, the goal of construction on Highway 24 is to prevent it.

The Colorado Department of Transportation said it's going to try to protect both Highway 24 and Manitou Springs, but that protection could break with a spring storm.

CDOT said construction is being done to divert the water under Highway 24- and the water will go into Fountain Creek, but that could be a problem downstream.

"There is a possibility that Fountain Creek could flood and Manitou Springs is at the base of Fountain Creek," CDOT project manager Dave Watt said.

Bobby Busnardo works at a candy shop above Fountain Creek.

He says mitigating Highway 24 will help the highway, but it won't help his shop.

"Even though they are saving the highway, there are still houses and businesses that are still going to be affected," he said.

A city administrator with Manitou Springs believes the combination of CDOT's flood mitigation and workers taking out debris in Fountain Creek will prepare Manitou Springs for the flood season.

But- CDOT said you can't fight nature.

"We're trying to protect 24 and Manitou but we can't protect against every event," Watt said.

Busnardo said if future floods damage his shop, a piece of his life will be crushed.

"For this to disappear, I would lose some of my childhood," he said.

CDOT said the flood projects on Highway 24 should be done by the end of April.

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