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Flood mitigation projects work as expected in Colorado Springs

Flood mitigation projects work as expected

Colorado Springs, COLO. -  It was a test that Colorado Springs public works hoped would pass the test, the recent flood mitigation projects completed following 2013's flooding.

Tim Mitros, with the city of Colorado Springs, said the debris catchment basin at South Douglas Creek quickly filled up with water and sediment.

"Basically brought down a bunch of organic material and blocked the inlet and our emergency flow.  It came over the top of the dam and down into the autism center," said Mitros.

The rushing water flattened greenery in its path and made a muddy mess. However, it didn't flood the autism center, thanks to strategically placed trap bags.

As for the North Douglas Creek debris catchment basin, it also worked as planned.  The 16-foot deep basin is filled to the brim.

"This basin behind me can actually hold up to about 9,000  cubic yards of sediment, that equates to about 900-1,000 dump truck loads," said Aaron Winter, with Flying W Ranch, Inc.

Winter said the city will manage the basin and clean it out before another storm rolls through.

As far as other mitigation projects in Colorado Springs, Mitros said they all worked as planned, including Camp Creek along 31st Street.

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