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Flood patrol preventing danger

Flood Patrol Always on the Watch

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The City of Colorado Springs has banded their emergency services to clear culverts of danger.

Firefighters, police officers, storm water crew members and utility workers are made into one team, the flood patrol.

The team was created after the Waldo Canyon Fire.

They cover 13 zones from the Air Force Academy to Highway 24.

Colorado Springs Firefighter Joe Tabarez is one of the patrol members.

"We have (patrol members) look at these chokepoints to see water running smoothly."

Tabarez starts his shift by going to the wash next to Wilson United Methodist Church near Flying W Ranch Road.

He ensures there isn't anything that doesn't belong there.

The firefighter then makes his way up to Trevor Lane to over look Flying W Ranch's catchman ponds.

Tabarez says if an emergency were to happen, this is the place where teamwork would be pivotal.

"Well if we were to see somebody out there obviously they are not going to hear us from here, we would send a patrol through the valley."

Colorado Springs Fire Chief Steve Dubay says the team has saved lives.

"There have been one or two rescues uncomplicated where they were in the lower lying areas where we assisted them out."

He doesn't know how much long the team will be needed.

Until then, they will continue to keep the culverts clear of danger.











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