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Flood survivor relives getting caught in flood

Manitou Springs gets rain, hail, but no flooding on Wednesday

Flood Survivor Recounts Getting Caught in Flood

Manitou Springs, Colo. - Rain and hail, but no flooding in Manitou Springs on Wednesday. It's a relief for everyone there especially after last Friday.

Dave Gaunt is borrowing a truck from a friend to get to work because his truck is totaled from the flood. And he only had liability insurance. Dave says he wants to erase that day from his memory.

"I don't think we had any business on the pass. Shouldn't have been there," said Dave Gaunt.

Gaunt was on his way to woodland park Friday night when the rain started. As he got to Waldo Canyon, buckets of water hammered the road and his truck. Then, came the mud.

"Part way up that bend. That's how far I got washed down. It was a long ride," said Gaunt pointing to a part of highway that curves.

"You call it a flash flood. It was a flash mudslide. I mean that's all it was, was mud because when the back window blew out it filled up to the bottom of the steering wheel, just like that with mud," he said.

It took him 10 minutes to dig out of the mud. Then, he had to walk more than a mile to find a ride home.

"I lost all my tools. It just ripped the toolbox right out of my truck. You could see where it was bolted down, ripped it off, blew in the back window. The truck looks like it was dropped off a cliff to be honest with you," said Gaunt.

But it's not his losing his truck that gives him nightmares.

"What's really on my mind is the guy that died. He was like two cars behind me. And the whole time he was trapped under his car and I didn't even have any idea he was under there because I looked at his car and there was no one there," he said.

Dave has to relive the experience every time he picks up his girlfriend in Woodland Park. He thinks about taking a different route until the threat of flooding ends years from now.

"I mean that's a pain. It's just a gamble I guess at this point," he said.

His insurance company just paid for a towing bill. He's on his own to find a new truck.

There are still five flood damaged cars left sitting in the Manitou Springs High School parking lot where tow trucks dropped off all the cars. School starts on August 26. You have until then to claim your car. Call the El Paso County Sheriff's Office to make that claim. 

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