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Flooded homes dealing with new problem

Out with the water, In with the mold

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The damage caused by September flooding may still be growing.  The city of Colorado Springs office of emergency management says dozens of flooded homes are now dealing with mold.  Mold can grow on anything with water damage, dampness or high humidity.

Emergency management coordinator Ken Hughlett says it only takes about 24 hours for mold to start growing and it can show up on anything that holds water. 

Fortunately, Hughlett says not all mold is dangerous.  But, Hughlett says it does need to be cleaned up.  As a precaution, he recommends you wear gloves and a mask while doing the work.  

Potential health risks associated with being exposed to certain types of mold, which may include fatigue and inability to concentrate.

For more information, visit this Post-Flooding Mold Tips link on the City of Colorado Springs website.

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