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Flooding eases near El Paso/Pueblo County line

Area hit by heavy rain twice this week

Wet Week Along El Paso/Pueblo County Line

EL PASO & PUEBLO COUNTIES, Colo. - Ninety-minute detours due to flooding have ended for people driving through remote areas of southern El Paso County and northern Pueblo County.

The area was hit by heavy rain twice this week, on Saturday and Wednesday nights.  Most affected were Hanover Road in El Paso County where part of a bridge washed out, and Overton Road in Pueblo County that was covered twice with floods.

The bridge reopened Friday morning after repairs were done.  Overton Road reopened Thursday but flooding and erosion continues in fields on both sides of the road.

"This area probably received around four or five inches of rain in an hour," said Carl Tatum, fire chief for the Hanover Fire Department.  "Six culverts came loose.  There were trees floating down Hanover Road. "

Tatum said authorities did all they could, given that such a heavy rainstorm is rare for the area. 

The partial bridge washout wasn't noticed, said Tatum, until Saturday night when a vehicle became stranded over it.

"The asphalt actually caved in on (the driver) as he was going across," said Tatum.  "The damage to the bridge went 15 feet down, and the material underneath was washed away."

Tatum said workers needed 235 yards of concrete mix to fill the bridge chasm and cover it with asphalt.

"But that little bit of rain we got last night has already washed away some of the material," he said.

Tatum said the bridge has washed away at the same point several times before since it was built 17 years ago after another flood.

Also in Pueblo County, workers made great progress on repairing flood damage along Nepesta and Boone Hill East Roads.  However, workers said for safety reasons, those roads will remain closed through the weekend.

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