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Focus on the Family grants girls wish

Focus on the Family grants girl her wish

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Wearing a baby blue princess gown, complete with tiara and magic wand used to direct her court of followers around Focus on the Family's campus, 6-year-old Kari Noe was in control.

"It's just my job to be a princess and direct," Kari said. 

Being in control of something is a new development.  For almost half her life, Kari battled a disease she had no command over, leukemia.

It was a long battle, lasting around 27-months.  During the hardest times, her head bald from chemo, lying in bed recovering, Kari would listen with her Mom to "Adventures in Odyssey," a fictional dramatic audio series produced by Focus on the Family.  It's the same series Kari's Mom and Dad grew up listening too.

"Once Kari mentioned she wished she was in Odyssey, I told her you know there is a real Adventures in Odyssey," said Ashley Noe, Kari's mom.

That became Kari's "Make-A-Wish," to visit the characters and world of "Adventures in Odyssey."

"I thought, well, if I come to Odyssey I'm sure it will turn out to be fun," Kari said.

 In the basement of the Focus on the Family Welcome Center, sits the real life "Whit's End," from the program.  Kari was greeted by "Mr. Whittaker" and "Sherman" two characters on the show. 

 "It was more than we could have hoped for," Ashley said.

Visiting the places from her imagination, Kari was even able to have tea with a "princess" at the castle in Glen Eyrie.  It shows that wishes aren't just for in fairy tales.

 "We could take her wish at any time during her treatment," Ashley said.  "We wanted it at the end so she would have something to look forward to."

 Cancer in remission, Kari can now concentrate on the important business…of being a princess.

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