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Fog causes flight cancellations

Fog Causes Airport Cancellations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The fog slowed down travelers both on the road and in the air today.

Eleven flights have been canceled so far at the Colorado Springs Airport. It's a move the airport says is rare.

"We got here at 8 yesterday checked in, flight was delayed, still delayed, still delayed finally they said it's canceled for the day. So they said come back tomorrow so we came back at 6:45 and it's delayed again until 12," said Nanabah Aseph, a delayed traveler.

Getting stuck in the airport is frustrating for anyone. But for Nanabah, it's especially difficult, because she's in a wheelchair, and has a service dog.

"I wouldn't want to be up there right now so I'd say let's just wait and be patient. The dog can't sit inside for several hours he needs to go out and get water, food. It's kind of hard for him to pull me and luggage around but he does a good job," said Nanabah.

The assistant aviation director told us the fog itself isn't rare. What is unusual is how long it's sticking around.

"We'll miss our connection and the girls have been away from the gym for five days. We're away from work and school so we really need to get back. We missed a lot of days so I don't want to miss anymore days of school and gymnastics," said a gymnastics group trying to get back to New Jersey.

To fly in and out, airlines need at least a quarter of a mile of visibility.

But on Monday, pilots were having trouble seeing close to the ground.

Although Nanabah has been stuck at the airport for two days, she says she's impressed.

"They've been so good to me inside, they've been helping me take care of my luggage. They even offered me meals. Three different people came up and said do you need a meal? We know you're stuck. It's awesome. People come together in stuff like this. It's human kindness and there's not a lot of stuff like that in the world right now," said Nanabah.

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