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Fog forcing Springs traffic lights to malfunction

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Utilities wants drivers to be aware of a problem with traffic light signals Saturday that's being blamed on the weather.

CSU leaders said fog across town is affecting traffic sensors and lights are not cycling through normally.

The problems are expected to continue until the fog disappears.

Drivers are encouraged to make sure that a light is malfunctioning before ignoring the red light and proceeding when traffic is clear.

Colorado traffic laws state that drivers should treat inoperative traffic lights like a flashing yellow light only after coming to a stop and waiting an appropriate amount of time.

Drivers who observe malfunctioning traffic lights should contact the CSPD Communications Center non-emergency number at 444-7000 to report the problem. City Traffic Signals or CDOT will be promptly notified and can reset intersections. 

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