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Former DA: Sex assault cases trending

Former DA: Sex assault cases trending

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A former Colorado District Attorney says sex assault cases is a rising trend.

The 10th District Attorney received the former Liberty High School coach sex assault case on Monday to do its own investigation into he accusation.

If there is an allegation a teacher committed a crime, like sexual assault, school leaders are required by law to report them. Sometimes the DA's Office steps in to help out. Lately, that's happening more and more. 

Teachers should love their students, says retired teacher Bob Wilkerson.

"There was that relationship that you had established with family and with the students that you had," said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson taught elementary and middle school at District 11 in Colorado Springs for nearly 40 years. He's seen the school system change since he first began teaching.

"Charges were brought against other teachers and some were made up charges," he said.

Wilkerson never imagined that a teacher's love for a student would ever cross the line.

"I can't comprehend that. That just does not make any sense whatsoever," said Wilkerson.

He has noticed recent reports of sexual assault pouring in.

"There's been some things that go on, but it hasn't been reported quite as much as it has been today," he said.

Gus Sandstrom was the 10th District Attorney for 24 years. He too has seen a shift away from keeping things under wraps.

"There has been far more public education about it," said Sandstrom.

Sandstrom and Wilkerson both say social media has encouraged more students to come forward.

"If someone says something happened to them, all of a sudden you're going to have several of them that the same thing happened to them," said Wilkerson.

Sandstrom says he wants the Colorado District Attorney Council to have a discussion about this trending issue with all school districts.

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