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Former Maketa campaign manager signs recall petition

Former Maketa campaign manager signs recall petition

Colorado Springs, Colo. - The woman who led three successful campaigns to elect Terry Maketa to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, joined the effort to recall her one-time friend and close confidant, Sunday.

Sheriff Maketa's former campaign manager, Wendy Habert, believes the county deserves better leadership. Habert and Maketa were once such close friends he walked her down the aisle at her wedding.

"He used to be a brother to me," Habert said. "I was very close with him, used to speak to him nearly every day, and ended every conversation with "I love you." And, he's not the same person. I don't know who he is any more."

The forces behind the recall campaign say the grassroots movement is gaining momentum.

Organizers say they're about half way to the goal of getting the recall vote on the November ballot. The campaign needs 44,000 plus signatures by July 12. However, organizers say they want to have 55,000 to 60,000 in order to have a cushion to counter act any signatures that may be invalid or illegible.        

Former undersheriff, Teri Goodall, who signed the petition a few days ago, wants her former boss to not let the voters decide his fate.

"Please resign," Goodall told Maketa."  

The woman who once called Maketa her brother, now standing and signing against him for the good of the community she loves.

"Once you tarnish that representation to your community and the constituents, those constituents have the ability to speak out," Habert said as she signed the petition.

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