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Former spice addict speaks out

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Memorial Hospital reports that after a surge of cases in August, the number of overdoses due to the street drug spice has dropped in recent weeks.  But it's still a dangerous drug.  A Springs man that we're calling "Darren" knows that all too well.

He seems like a normal person when you talk to him, but inside of him is a demon.  He minces no words when it comes to this demon.

"It's the Spice that's killing your insides," he said.

Spice is the name for a number of street drugs with names like Black Mamba and K2.  It's become popular because of what it doesn't do.

"It didn't pass through the UA's," Darren said.

That means that commonly administered drug tests don't pick up the chemicals that go into making Spice.

But while drug tests get fooled, the body is not fooled.  Darren tells us what happens when he was high on the drug.

"You get paranoid, you hallucinate," he said.

And once Spice gets its hooks into a new addict, they really get hooked.  Darren found himself needing the drug more and more.

"Smoking 10 grams a day sometimes.  Spending hundreds of dollars...I probably spent $100,000 on the stuff," he said.

He says that he gave up everything for Spice.

"I ruined relationships, relationships with my family.  I burned every bridge I could to get it...I stole from my mother."

He's clean now, but it took wrecking his brother's car to get there.

"I wrecked his car and nearly killed a woman," he said.

Now he's dedicating his life to warning kids about spice.  He's hoping that others learn from his example and learn to stay away from Spice.

The Colorado Springs police tell us that posessing Spice is a misdemeanor and selling or distributing it is a felony.  But they concede that it is easy to get.

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