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Fort Carson Civilian Workers Shutdown

Civilian Workers Furloughed

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Fort Carson saw a drastic drop in workers today.

The Mountain Post is usually busy, more than 3,000 people work there.

But the government shutdown shut more than 1,000 civilian workers at Fort Carson down, and for Fort Carson Dee McNutt it was hard to furlough any worker. 

"In the end this does have an effect on not just individual employees who aren't going to get paid but morale and a lot of other things," McNutt said.

Soldiers are still training at Fort Carson doing field exercises.

Hospital workers are also still on the clock at the Mountain Post.

McNutt says they are essential for health, safety, and life purposes.

MSG. John Peacock is at Fort Carson almost everyday.

He says today was a strange day to be at the base.

"It was different for everybody we weren't sure how things were going to be with the shutdown we thought it would be a slowdown probably things not going well but we overcame," Peacock said.

McNutt hopes the troops can focus on their missions and not be distracted by the government shutdown.

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