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Fort Carson explains military's "off limits" list

Fort Carson explains military's "off limits" list

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Circa Nightclub in Colorado Springs is the latest place to be blacklisted by the military.  A Fort Carson soldier was shot and killed outside of the club over the weekend.  Fort Carson conducted an emergency vote on Aug. 18 and 19.

Maj. Earl Brown, deputy of public affairs at Fort Carson, told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that there are quarterly meetings where the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board discusses banning areas.  In special circumstances, like the incident at Circa, an emergency meeting is conducted.  Fort Carson is the convening authority in deciding which places to ban, but the off limits list applies to all of the military installations in southern Colorado.

There are 38 establishments currently blacklisted to service members, including 26 rental properties owned by Alma Patrick, six head shops, three massage and spa parlors, two bars/clubs, and one hookah bar.

Maj. Brown would not go into details as to why Patrick's properties are off limits, but said they consider the well-being of soldiers when making these decisions.

"We look at these establishments and if they've got business practices that are not in good order and discipline, we've got to make a decision on the information that we have."

Brown acknowledged that in a town with great military presence, it can be a big blow to a business to be off limits to the military.  

Circa's owner did not want to speak on camera with KRDO NewsChannel 13, but said the killing had nothing to do with his business practices.

Once a business is blacklisted, it does have the opportunity to be removed at the next quarterly meeting.  Brown stressed that the list is not meant to be a punishment to businesses.

"Now that Circa has been added to this list, they'll have the opportunity to defend themselves to try to get themselves off the list," Brown said.  "They don't get removed from the list if they don't come argue their case."

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